Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Services in Orange County, CA

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Enjoy Efficient Heating and Cooling With Our Professional Services for Heat Pump Installation

When installing heat pumps for our customers, we always follow the along with government codes and regulations and consider the following:

  • Budget – How much can you comfortably spend on the installation and maintenance of your new heat pump? Let’s calculate it together before proceeding with installation!
  • Location – a heat pump must be installed on an easily-accessible, flat surface with enough clearance distance on all sides and sufficient airflow.
  • Your goals – What are your goals? Convenience and comfort? Savings? Environmental impact?

To give you extra peace of mind and confidence in our services, we cover all our HVAC services with a 12-month warranty. Get started today and schedule your heat pump installation appointment!

Call: (949) 385-2828
heat pump installation services
heat pump replacement services

Upgrade Your Home Comfort With Our Heat Pump Replacement Services

We provide professional heat pump replacement services for our residential and commercial clients in Orange County, CA.

Our service starts with comprehensive diagnostics, during which we uncover all the problems of your heat pump and calculate the scope of work. Sometimes, our clients need a simple repair instead of a replacement, which is more cost-effective for them.

However, if it is time to replace your heat pump, we employ expert heat pump installers whom we train bi-weekly to uphold our company standards and deliver the highest quality services.

Supplied with knowledge and quality tools, we are ready to dispose of your old heat pump and install a new one. Don’t wait and schedule your heat pump replacement appointment today!

Call: (949) 385-2828

Reasons to Replace Your Heat Pump:

  • 10+ years old, outdated heat pump
  • Environmental concerns
  • Requires frequent repairs
  • Rising energy bills
  • Tax rebates
  • Uneven heating and cooling
  • Unusually strange noises
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    We Diagnose the Issue

    On the agreed date and time, our technician will arrive to diagnose the issue.

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    We Provide Solutions

    Our HVAC experts will provide you with a solution and give you your quote.

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    We Repair the Issues

    After your approval, our technician will repair your issue and test the results.

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heat pump system types that we fix

We Install and Replace
The Following Heat Pump System Types:

  • Central Air Heat Pump
  • Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump
  • Hydronic Heat Pump
  • Packaged Heat Pump
  • Smart Heat Pump
  • Through-The-Wall Heat Pump
  • Window Heat Pump

Some of the Major Brands That We Fix

Hire The Proven Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Company Near You in Orange County, CA

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Why Fuse OC?

Licensed Company

Our license information is available for everyone: CSLB 1052421 and BEAR 47862.

Fully Insured

We are insured with general liability insurance, and all of our employees are covered by worker’s compensation.

Trained Technicians

We train our HVAC service technicians every 2 weeks to deliver professional services to our clients.

Transparent Quotes

Our pros will electronically share your quote for you to know the exact cost of the repairs before proceeding.

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Our Warranty Protection

We cover the parts and labor used in appliance repairs with a 6-month warranty and 12-month for HVAC repair jobs.

Reviews of Our Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Clients

Alan from Fuse OC came out and did a thorough analysis of my heat pump unit. Made recommendations and adjustments. The heat pump is working almost like brand new. Good value. Great device. Two thumbs up!

Mark O, Yelp Review

I have been using Fuse HVAC Repair Irvine for a long time now, and they are the best company in this area! They always go above and beyond to make sure their customers feel taken care of.

Rebekah F, Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a heat pump diagnostic cost?

At Fuse OC, you will need to invest $79 to diagnose your heat pump, and we will provide you with an estimate. If you move forward with installing a new heat pump or replacing your current heat pump, the $79 diagnostic fee that you already paid will count towards your final bill.

Can I buy and install my own heat pump?

In California, installing heat pump systems requires getting a permit from the state. Also, it can only be done by a state-licensed contractor. Consider hiring a professional HVAC contractor who can assess your heating needs, inspect your house, recommend a good model, give you an upfront quote, and get the job done on time. Improper installations can result in fines from the state and expensive repairs in the future.

What is the life expectancy of a heat pump?

On average, the life expectancy of a heat pump is 12-15 years. The actual length depends on the model, usage, and quality of maintenance. Heat pumps can last longer than 12-15 years with proper care.

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